Changing healthcare in the UAE

With a facility of almost 2000 sqm integrating AIA healthcare guidelines, City Centre Clinic is a best-in-class day care surgery centre. Its technologically advanced infrastructure integrates global best practice, and its services and facilities are on par with those found in the very best day care centres across the globe. 

By combining advanced surgical techniques and short-acting anesthetics, City Centre Clinic is able to offer patients in the UAE all the significant benefits of a day care surgery, including first-of-a-kind convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

Its team of medical professionals represents the very best within their respective fields and offer excellence in specialties such as cardiology, dentistry, pediatrics, plastic surgery, orthopedics and endocrinology to name but a few. 

By creating an environment of commitment and compassion for all, and adhering to a patient-first model of care, incorporating culturally sensitive services and amenities, City Centre Clinic Deira is dedicated to delivering exceptional standards of healthcare to its clients.